About Us

Pat Hensley
began his
pile driving
career in his early 20’s when he went to work with Gulf City Construction as a welder in 1958. By 1970 he was made Vice-President. Then in 1978 after completing the I-65 Delta Crossing, Gulf City sold out. After working with some local pile driving companies, he went into business for himself.

P&H Construction was originally founded in 1980 under the name of Talley-Hensley Corporation. After approximately 1 year of operation, Pat bought out Mr. Talley and formed
P&H Construction

In the earlier years, P&H was strictly a pile driving contractor operation with only 1 crane and 1 set of pile driving equipment. Now P&H works as a
General Contractor
as well as a
Specialty Subcontractor
with 7 cranes ranging from 40 ton to 225 ton, various pile driving equipment and a fleet of barges.

With more than 2 generations following in his footsteps, P&H is a long term family oriented company that believes in quality and customer satisfaction.